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Logic Pro 7.2


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A tricky question, but I see where we're headed, here.

Apple no longer "officially" market Logic Pro 7 in any form.

These upgrades were sold as a 2-DVD pack with a (notional)

shipping charge.


Plan "A" would be to locate an Apple reseller who has the upgrade

pack still sitting on a shelf somewhere (Legal for you, but against the

rules for the Apple dealer). Do some deal with them.


Plan "B" would be to locate another user local to you and just utilise

his/her DVD's to install on your machine. (Strictly illegal in terms of

the Apple EULA, but would anyone give a f*%@ ? No.)


Plan "C" would be for some friendly Logic 7 user to create a disk image

of the upgrade packs and post them up on PTP/Torrent sites so you

could download them. (I'm not even certain that this would work when

you mounted the DI.)


Apple's continuing interest in monitoring/enforcing the distribution

of legacy software would be questionable. For them, the game isn't

worth the candle, and all they would succeed in doing is alienating a

customer. If they don't want to place a value on the upgrade by

continuing to sell it, that's their problem.


If you're ever in Ireland, you can use mine ! ! !




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