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SSL 4000 G presets for Logic's Compressor (download)

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SSL 4000 G master bus compressor

emulation presets for Logic Pro 8 Compressor



These emulation presets are ©2008 Holger Lagerfeldt for Popmusic.dk

and are not endorsed by either Apple, Waves or Solid State Logic.


Download and Installation



Install the folder entitled SSL 4000 G master comp here:

Mac HD>Users>YourUserName>Library>Application Support>Logic>Plug-In Setting>Compressor


These presets will not work or sound correct in Logic 7.


Sound example



How To Use

The SSL comp is intended as a master mix compressor on the main bus or on sub mixes, i.e. a sub mix of drums.

The SSL comp is not a real mastering compressor. It is often used during mixing for subtle (or not so subtle) glue effect.

You can use it as part of a mastering chain but rarely as the only master compressor, and usually then as the first compressor in the chain.


Quick tip: Gentle compression

For gentle glue type compression, choose a Ratio 2 or 4 preset, and set threshold for a maximum of 1-2 dB of gain reduction on the meter.

Quick tip: Pumping and punch

For less pumping or more punch select a slower Attack of 3, 10 or 30 ms, and a release between .3 s and 1.2 seconds.

The Good

All possible ratio, attack and release/auto combinations are included, apart from the exceptions below.

Preset default settings closely emulate the default settings of the Waves SLL G-master compressor, which means you can do quick A/B comparisons.


The Bad

· Auto release. There’s no way to get the true sound of the SSL auto release in the Logic Compressor.

· 0.1 ms attack setting is not possible in the Logic Pro compressor. Closest setting is 0 ms which pumps excessively. Not a big loss though IMO.



Geek Stuff

The presets have been made using real life material and test tones. Levels generally match Waves SSL default settings within 0.2 dB. In some cases the numerical values are not the same as they appear on the Waves SSL, such as ratio 4:1 being 3.7:1 in Logic. This is not an error. Please notice that knee and threshold default settings vary depending on ratio, just like the Waves SSL does (behind the scenes). The extended parameters of the Logic Compressor enables the internal EQ sidechain for a gentle 60 Hz hi pass filter for closer low end emulation.


A frequency analyzer will show very little difference between the plug-ins:



Purple color: Waves SSL · Orange color: Logic Compressor


Looking at the waveforms for transient changes, there is generally speaking a strong similarity between the two waveforms, and transients are quite similar too:



Upper waveform: Waves SSL · Bottom waveform: Logic Compressor


This doesn’t necessarily mean your ears will agree but the presets are fairly close despite using a bundled sequencer compressor.


Happy compressing.

Cheers your the best, i was thinking buy SSL 4000 for UB..

Good Post,

Thank's a lot :roll:

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souinds very close, except that the Logic Compressor is not as full as the the SSL, in the lower mid range. It's a slight difference, and the regular consumer would not be able to tell. The SSL is slightly smoother.


The differences are so subtle, that I wouldn't go out and buy the plugs because of that, because you could adjust that in the eq. I'm interested in seeing the difference on a channel strip versus the mix bus.


Yeah, the SSL is slightly more smooth. If I had access to the behind-the-scenes parameters of the Logic compressor I could probably tune it to sound 99,99% like the SSL, but it'll have to stay around 95% for now :-)

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Just this month decided I'd hop on the Logic bandwagon, and after having it beat me in the head for a few days (I'm coming over from Nuendo/Cubase for many years, I've finally managed to tame the beast that is Logic somewhat, and was missing my plug-ins, since I was on PC at another studio, now i'm on MAC in my own!


I already tried your presets! And as an avid waves SSL, and URS user, I have to say it's amazing how freaking good Logic's built in plug-ins sound already - and it's fourty times that with good men like yourself taking the time out to tweak and share! Amazing results! I've already started re-mastering alot of my work!


No mistake, I tip my hat to you sir!

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