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Vocoder Synth

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Hi all,


This might well be in the wrong section, so apologies if it is first of all.


Anyway, I'm looking for some vocoder synth settings to *attempt* to emulate a talkbox sound, and basically I'm having trouble getting teh vocoder synth to sound less "nice". The synths are all very fluffy and cute, so I've been expermienting with using effects on the way out, such as overdrive, fuzz-wah to try and get a more harsh sound.


For a clue as to what I'm trying to emulate, either listen to "Love Having You Around" by Stevie Wonder, or YouTube search "Stevie Wonder Talkbox". I'm just starting in a band and we're doing a cover of "Love Having You Around" and I would quite like to try and get the talkbox-y sound.


Once again apologies if I'm in the wrong section here....







EDIT: Before anyone mentions, I know vocoders and talkboxes are different and what I'm trying to do is like mowing the lawn with a shovel, but it should be possible to get someting similar out of the two things.

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Try blending in a plain ol' white noise with your synth as the carrier. This will help bring out the highs of the modulator (your voice) without, when used carefully, mudding up the sound of the synth. You can use an EQ on the white noise to shape it to your liking.


Alternatively, put the distortion and what not in your chain *after* the vocoder to give it that extra crunch.

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You will get the best results using the Vocal Transformer in"Robotic" Mode.

This nasty little plugin will give you the effect you desire.


You have to automate the pitch parameter to follow your melody.


Give it a try ...





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