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how do i cut vocals from tracks i import from itunes?


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i cant seem to cut vocals from tracks i import from itunes, i have logic 8 and i have been looking and looking and cant seem to do it, i can cut up bits of track but i want to be able to just to use the vocals with no sound from the track.


many thanks ppl, :)

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is this really even that possible?


I mean. Think of it like a picture or photograph, and the vocal track is made up of a bunch of different shades of red (frequencies, wavelengths etc..). If you want to capture only the reds (or the vocals) you're going to get bits and pieces of everything else that is red (or has the same frequency). So you'll get the vocal but you'll also get the cymbal sounds and the guitar sounds and the drum sounds and the piano sounds that are in that frequency range (which is literally a little bit of everything).


If you're really a go getter, if you fool with the panning you might find out where the vocal track sits. I actually don't know if this will work, and I'm willing to bet it won't, BUT i think a lot of older "karaoke" machines would cancel out the center where the vocal track usually sat so that you could sing along without the main vocal...maybe you could do the reverse of that....but i don't think so.




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