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problem opening a MIDI file


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Hi there....


My question, stupid as it sounds, it's getting on my nerves....


I have a Macbook with Tiger OS and Logic Pro installed. When I open a MIDI file, it automatically creates software instrument for each MIDI track as supposed too, which means I have all access to software instruments, bla bla bla...


I cannot say the same thing about my iMAC with Leopard OS and Logic Pro, which tends to do the following: When I open a MIDI file instead of creating software instrument for each track (as it does in my macbook) it creates software instruments for some tracks, while others are created as a "GM DEVICE" track, meaning they're not opening as they supposed to on Logic Pro, which on the manual states that: "When you open a MIDI file in Logic Pro 8, software instrument tracks are automatically created for each MIDI track


yeah right.....


What the heck am I doing wrong...??? How can I fix this..???


I don't like using the quicktime synthesizer (you know the environment/internal/quicktime synth trick) I just want to use the software instruments (EXS, EXS24, etc) for each MIDI track....


Any help is greatly appreciated...!!!



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Ummmm. Interesting behaviour.


As a 7 user, I can't speak on specific LogicPro8 matters,

but I can advise as follows:


Whenever I open a commercial MIDI file, or one not created

here specifically, I ALWAYS first of all allow the tracks to

route to the built-in QT synth, as the creator of the MIDI file

probably intended they should. This way, I get an immediate

impression of how the arrangement has been crafted and

where each voice is going to be used most effectively.


You may also find that many MIDI files open with tracks

hidden or otherwise not as you expect them. There is no

quick fix for this - you just have to mess with it.


Also, patch changes (which are almost always simple GM) can

wreak havoc in Logic by setting all kinds of sounds you DON'T

want to hear on any virtual instruments you've assigned to

tracks. This, on one occasion, nearly wrecked my monitors.


Volume and pan information, also, often has ghastly repercussions

in the track mixer so, before you hit 'play' with a MIDI file loaded,

examine stuff in the list editor first. Knock out volume and pan

initial settings if you know you're going to mess with these in your

own arrangement.




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