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Mummy, Caruthers has fallen down the stairs again


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Two week in and I must say I'm delighted with Logic. I can forgive the numerous times it falls down because it's such a delight to use.


Now. On project number one I managed, with your help, to reduce the number of times Caruthers fell down the stairs. In the end he was tumbling about 4 times a day while work was in progress and the same again when the Mac was left idle. (He's quite old you know)


Today I started a new project using a Logic template (24 tracks with effects, you know the one). Today there were no crashes. Caruthers is unscathed. This must be because I wasn't using any non-Apple plug-ins. Fresh project. Just Apple plug-ins. There's the clue.


So fellows- which of these plug-ins was causing my man to take the short cut to the ground floor. Was it any of the 6 Sonnox plug-ins. Was it iZotope Ozone, Sonalksis TBK's 1 to 3, Massive, Absynth, Analog Factory (the free version) or Crystal. Those were what I was using.


To spare the butler any further injury I'd be grateful to hear if anyone else has experienced problems with these plug-ins running Logic 8.0.1 on OSX 10.5.1

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hi im not sure if i will be frowned upon for referancing another site but i hope this helps you, im new to Mac and logic so im on a steap learning curve myself so any help i can give is great :D




That was a very good link. Thanks for posting it. It seems that no-one has given Sonnox the all-clear. I'll take ShiverMeTimber's advice and try them one-by-one and then in combination.


Is anyone using Sonnox and having problems?

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