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Quantize Audio In Arrange?

Martin Roberts

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Hey guys!


Just a quick question which you can hopefully help me with. I've been using Logic for a long time (now using Logic 8.0.1), yet I haven't found a way of doing what I need to do. I work a lot with Audio in the arrange page, arranging my beats using audio rather than going through the ESX24 or any other software sampler. Normally i'll sequence them up and tidy them into folders and I'm just looking for a way to quantize this audio so that I don't have to go back and forth from my MPC groove templates to see what position everything needs to be in...


If anyone could tell me if there's a way of doing this, i'd be very grateful. I've tried highlighting the folder and quantizing it, I get a message asking me if i want to quantize an entire folder, to which i click 'Yes', but it doesn't have any effect. Your help would be much appreciated...


Thanks alot!

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