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Ins and MIDI channels?


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hi, if i create an instrument channel, load an instance of kontakt 3 on it and then create an instrument in K3 on midi channel one when i create another instrument in K3 it will be on channel 2. So how do i create an additional track to control the secondary instrument in the one instance of K3? i used to work with cubase 4 and i would just create the instrument channel for K3 then just add a separate MIDI channel and assign it to MIDI channel 2,3,4 etc. hope i haven't been too confusing and you understand me


many thanks



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it's very easy

go to "track" and choose "Next with next MIDI channel"


it looks like Logic opens a new instance of the plugin but don't worry it's NOT.

You can choose in the inspector the desired MIDI channel.


good luck

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