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Audio Output in Logic with ART Tube MP Project w/ USB


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Hey guys,


I just bought the Project Series Tube MP w/ USB to use with Logic at a remote location.


The issue :

The Tube MP provides Audio Input (Mic, Guitar etc) but it does not provide output from Logic. It can only be used to locally monitor the signal, or at least I cant find a way to monitor the Audio from the computer in Logic.


At the moment I cant hear any audio when Im recording, and I cant record via the Tube MP when Im playing back - effectively making it useless.


Im using this as my Audio Interface as well.


Any suggestions?

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I found this after some digging.


Open Audio and Midi Utility

"Aggregate Audio Device Editor"


Choose the Internal Output / Tube MP Inputs and create a new device.



This will appear in your Audio Device List when you start Logic, and seems to be doing the trick.


Garageband doesnt have this issue as you can select diffrent input / output, but for some reason you have to do it this way in Logic.



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Thanks guys. I was trying to figure out how to get an input for my new USB turntable, and creating an aggregate device did the trick.

However, I'm aggregating my MOTU 828mkII with the Numark , but all the I/O labels I created in the MOTU setup for my 828 were blank in Logic. I had recreate them in Mixer->I/O labels. No biggy.

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