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does Logic still do this?

rikki rivett

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Command-click on a file in the audio window (now called the Bin) used to place it at the SPL on a selected track. Now this doesn't work at all, or sometimes it seems a new track gets created at the bottom of the Arrange window and the audio file or Region is placed there. I preferred the old behaviour- is it still possible?


Also, when opening the Environment window, Lofic used to go to the layer of the object selected in the Arrange Window- now it just goes to the Enviroment and I have to navigate to the Layer & Object, when when Catch is on. Again, is ther a way to make Logic do this?


I suppose I should RTFM -well actually I did take a little peep-but I'm happy to help busy fellow pros, so please be kind too if you can :wink: LOL


Thx very much



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