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Input Monitoring Question


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First of all, great forum and I've already learned quite a bit. Thanks to all for some great tips and insight.


I fall into the category of a PT user trying to wrap my head around Logic 8. In PT there's an 'input monitor only' feature I use often whereby while playing the arrangement you can monitor the input signal of a given track while effectively muting its existing audio region -- and vice versa (i.e. the input signal is muted while the existing audio region plays.)


Basically, I want to be able to try out some ideas without recording anything while playing the other tracks in the arrangement and not have to create a new, empty track each time for monitoring purposes.


Is there a way to do this in Logic 8?


Many thanks.

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there is input monitoring on any channel in L8.

open the mixer and click on the channel's "i" button.It's under the mute "M" button.

you can also see that button in the arrange window.Go to View and choose "configure track header"

Another way to do it is to select in the transport "auto input monitoring" so when you click on R (record enable it puts that channel in input monitoring mode also


good luck

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Appreciate that Benco, but when I do this I still am hearing the track's existing region(s) in conjunction with the input signal.


Is there a way to just hear one or the other? -- i.e. when the transport is playing.


Thanks again.

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