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Delete unused audio.. warning of file useage?

Eric Wikman

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I made a test project, and then a couple days later went to delete used files from the BIn, and got this message.

I know that the files were created & used in only this one test song, so why does Logic warn me that they are used in other projects.

I searched my system and found only two other files with this name, and they have diff dates and sizes.

Surely L8 is not referring to these files?


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Logic warns you because of the same file name. It's a good habit to name tracks before you record.



Well, I do name my files, as you can see below the actual files I was deleting. These were the level settings tests only, so they aren't named.

Surely L8 could use it's computing power to match the record dates/& or size also to aviod confusion... in the future maybe?

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Are you auto-saving backups of the session? It counts these as other songs using the file, too.


Hey, Maybe that's why.

I will check my setting when I get back into the studio.

So maybe L8 does refer to the size & date of files after all?

I feel another test coming on.

Unless someone knows that answer before I get back in tomorrow.


"is it safe?" .... to delete.

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