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Who on earth calls a record label that?

Lounge Lizard

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Why would you call a record label 'Gordon Bennett Records' you may ask. Well I'm setting one up by that name. And that is the answer - because no one would be as stupid as me. Ha ha.


Anyway, I would greatly appreciate anyone checking us out at www.myspace.com/gordonbennettrecords


The 'Control/Alt/Delete' Song on there was made on Logic. As well as the other song on the 'Raptilian' page (top friends). Many more are coming which are being made (recorded, arranged & mixed) on Logic so would be great to hear feedback especially if you think something would sound better in a certain way. It's only early stages so progression will come.


Thanks, and the genre is Hip Hop/Comedy/Experimental in case you're worried!

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