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Grid me Sidney


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I've searched through the Apple Logic manual and David Nahmani's book. I tried a lot o guessing as well. But...... I can't change the numbers of visible divisions on my snapping grid.


I can change the snapping values- no problem.


I just can't change the number of vertical lines that I'm seeing. At the moment every 1/4 beat has a vertical line. But I'm doing some arranging for strings that needs the the notes to sound a little ahead of, or a little behind, the normal note placements.


I'd like to see i/8th and 1/16th vertical lines instead of just 1/4th positions. These visual clues will speed things up


Is this possible in Logic? And if so where do I set it.


Thanks again for all your help fellows.

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You can set the division lines in the Transport just below the numerator and denominator (4/4).


This sets the grid lines to /4. /8, /12, /16 etc in the Arrange & Piano Roll. In order to see these division lines you may need to zoom in.




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