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Logic Pro 8 and Tascam FW-1884


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I've just purchased a quad-core Intel Mac running Leopard. I use Logic Pro 8 with a Tascam FW-1884. The Tascam works beautifully on my old G5 (with Logic 8 & Tiger), but there appear to be some issues with the new setup. Logic does not recognize the FW-1884, and the FW-1884 icon doesn't show up in the control surfaces device list. If I set the FW-1884 manager control protocol to "Mackie Control Emulation" and set the control surface preferences to Logic Control, I get some reasonable results, but not ideal (can't use the eq control).


I also have to power cycle the Tascam 3 or 4 times to get it working after turning on my computer.


If any one has any ideas on how to get the FW-1884 up and running, it would be greatly appreciated!

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Since you've got some experience with this... Do you know if the fw-1884 will work with Logic Express 8???


I am thinking about getting a new iMac and getting it with Logic Ex preloaded.


I have the fw-1884 already and have used it successfully with PC apps like Sonar.



Thanks for any info you can provide on Logic Ex and the 1884.

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