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Getting Started with Midi

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Greetings from sunny Scotland!

I'm a complete iMac and Logic virgin. I use Sonar on my PC linked to my Roland MC80ex. via an Audigy2ZS. Being a nosey boy I got myself an iMac and Logic8 Express to join the real world.

I've got the Nahmani book on Logic and I'm working my way through it. However, I make my own backing tracks for gigging and I want to try it out on the Mac...so I got an Edirol UA25 as an audio/midi interface to link up my Roland.

The book is very good but focuses mainly on audio stuff and dancey music. Are there any good midi books for Logic that can help me set up and get running!




Martin Andrews

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I think (and I always tell others) that, if you grasp an in-depth

understanding of MIDI and its specification, you are equipped

to take it to any DAW environment you like.


A sort of "MIDI for Logic Users" book would be a bit of a misnomer.


Once you get it, you get it, like, for everything.

Huber's book is comprehensive, easy to read, and not expensive.


My 2¢ worth, anyway.




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