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HD Storage and file distribution during install


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Here is my situation:


I have a Macbookpro 2.33 Gh with an 7200 rpm 100 GB internal drive. As you might guess after installing logic that takes 45 GB alone, plus all the minimum system stuff, I have 8 GB free space left which as people say kills my HD.

I have an external 7200 rpm WD hd, however that solves my sound library needs not the internal HD space shortage.


So. At this point, I would like to avoid taking the laptop apart and change the internal HD. What are my choices?


Question 1: Can Logic be installed on an external HD? or at least some of its components, like apple loops etc?


If this is possible, then the issue is solved.

Question 2: If running program from one HD and reading data and recording to another is the optimal way, does it mean that if Logic is installed on the external 500 GB then that HD would stop being my library HD, and at that point I would have to get another external, since my 100 GB wouldn't be enough for sound library, and then that means I would have to carry both externals with me whenever I am mobile.


I would appreciate very very much, if people advised on the most optimal way of going about this, even if the most optimal way is to get another comp.

many thanks

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Hi Sonia;


Buy/use an ext. FW HD (7200 RPM) for all your samples, loops and Audio files and have all your apps on the internal drive. Having an 7200RPM internal drive will give you higher trackcounts when beeing used for recording than the slower models. It's allways best using ext. drives for optimum performance though. All the installed Apple loops etc. that came with Logic 8 can be transferred easy to an ext HD. Just make sure to point Logics Media browser to the location af the files and use the lcation as the preference (you could point Garageband to the same location)





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Hey Sjamus.


thank you for your reply. I copied all thep apple loops to the external drive, and now all of a sudden I have 51 GB of free space. hooray.

However, in Logic, when I go under the loops tag in the Media Browser, it says,


no apple loops found in the system, please reinstall Apple loops. Do you know how to proceed?



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Hi again,


Well I know it can be done because I went through the same procedure bacause of the exat same installation procedure (believe me it's not you and I who did this - we're not alone),I'm not sure how it works but I'll give it a try.


You have to open Logic off course and in the arrange window press the Media menu and then the Browser tab to the right. in the middle of the Browser window you'll see the name of your computer. To the right of the name you have to press the first tab (hover the mouser over it without pressing and it says "Computer"). Press it and presto you can see all your drives. Find the drive/location/map/Apple loops folder and press it. You should be able to use that location from now on as the Apple Loop directory. Otherwise try reading the installation manual. I haven't got it here right now.


hope it helps and good luck.





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thank you

I ended up reinstalling the program and so I have 45 GB free space now. issue is solved. for now.

what about the jam packs, if I move them to the external HD will they still be visible in channel strips? probably not.

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