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Need bicycle gear shifting sounds for filmscore...

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I need to find some decent samples of a gear shifting sound on a bicycle to use as a percussion instrument. Think atonement with the typewriter.


Are there any plugins etc with this sort of thing? Or sample sets that include sounds like this? I don't have a bike or have any friends with bikes locally to record it.


Also, I'm going to have to load these sample into something and play them on my keyboard somehow. What's the best way? Load it into Logic's sampler or maybe something else?

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Hi Amber.


If you have a Bicykleshop nearby where you live I'd try to ask if it was possible to do som recordings in there using a portable recorder (MD, Zoom H4, Microtrack etc...).

Otherwise there is the sounddesign route using Logics vast arsenal of synths.

Give it a go and let us know how you did.






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