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Hardware equivalent of .....

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Ok. So I really have no idea how I should start this topic; therefore, I think that I will just jump in - feet first.


I have been eyeballing some new toys lately. Nothing in particular - just different types of hardware related things.


I have been looking at Samplers From Roland.


I have also been looking at AKAI MPC units.


I have even been looking at the Vintage Roland stuff (i.e., TB-303, TR-808, etc).


Since looking at these things - I have started to wonder something. Which of these new units would be the equivalent of the gear of old?


What I mean is this - UltraBeat has a "step sequencer" as does the ReDrum unit found within Reason. These are (I think) modeled after units such as the TR-808, etc.


I like this idea. It's simple. It's inspiring.


When using a step sequencer like the above mentioned units, I am thinking of beats, music, etc - as opposed to technical stuff (not like that is a bad thing ... I mean ... I am a geek at heart!).


So I thought I would ask you fine folks a couple of different questions.


First - which of the above mentioned units are most like ReDrum or UltraBeat?


Second - what would you like to see a hardware equivalent of?


(hence the title of this thread!)


Have fun & take care.

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