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External CD recorder for Logic pro necessary? Home studio

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My home studio set up is


Two aging AT microphones still working

2 Mindprint / Envoice preamps - analogue only

Mackie 1207 VLZ

KOrg X5D

My current hardware is Mac G5 dual with Logic pro 7

M Audio Audiophile USB

Alesis RA 100 with Monitore One's

A creaky Pioneer PDR509 for which the Digital inputs no longer seem to work. This usually sits on record/pause as my headphone monitor signal from tracks already recorded when laying new tracks via the mindprint>Audophile>G5



My question is: Is there any point in purchasing an external CD recorder replacement such as the Tascam CD RW 900 or the Fostex CR500 to use as a mixdown destination? The digital ins on the 509 no longer seem to work but in the past it has been handy to do quick recording on this as the song progresses for evaluation.


I understand that with Logic it is possible to burn straight onto CDR on the MAC so I am wondering if this idea has merit since I cannot afford a hard disc recorder and these seem like good units. I don't want to spend money unnecessarily however.


Any opinions or alterative suggestions will help thanks.

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