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Way involved FW question regarding power usage

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A little background http://www.logicprohelp.com/viewtopic.php?t=23647&highlight=iogear . So, I picked up this little Iogear FW hub for my Yamaha GO46 and Digi 002 as sort of a Y junction to my iMac. Always mindful, mind you, to not have both units running at the same time.


However, here's my question/dilemma. The GO46 doesn't have a dedicated power button. It has a wall wart that I've plugged into my Furman strip/conditioner. When I power off the Furman, that would be the on/off switch for the GO46. Buttttt, what's happening is the unit is continuing to draw bus power from the FW input from my iMac. So even when I power everything down -- including the iMac -- if I don't pull the FW cable from the Iogear hub the lil' blue light on the GO46 will continue to shine indicating powered up stage.


My question(s), what's the downside of having this bugger running 24/7 off the Apple iMac FW bus? Is there exposure to damaing my iMac? The Yammerha GO46? The whole reason I got the hub in the first place was to avoid hot swapping FW cables between it and the 002.


Any insight would be greatly appreciated. The GO46 creates some heat when everything's powered on, but I haven't really checked it when it's running off bus power alone. I hope I'm making sense.


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