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having some midi problems

Dibby Dougherty

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hey folks, just joined here today as i am having problems with logic

when i was doing some basic clipping of an audio sample today my logic froze for the first time since i got it

an erroe message then appeared saying 'Logic pr has detected a possible conflict between one or more 3rd party midi or audiodrivers, be sure to install the latest drivers for all audio and midi equipment connected to the computer and remove any old or unused drivers'

i then logged onto the internet on my mac and installed updates and restarted etc, when i reopened logic the midi files will not play, only the audio will play

the midi was all made on my keyboard and at the time of the erroe message i did not have the keyboard connected, maybe this is part of the problem? i have reconnected the keyboard etc and still the problem persists :?


does anyone have any ideas about this?


many thanks




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