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Strange problem when splicing tracks

Axl Blose

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I'll record four vocal takes of the same verse on four separate tracks. In the editing process I'll take the best takes from all four tracks and splice them into one 'good' take of the entire song. Sometimes when I use the scissor tool to cut the track, it will erase the first couple of seconds worth of vocal after the split. The record file itself is still there and is still the same duration, but you can see that the wave has been mysteriously deleted for a second or two. The record file is visibly empty for those couple of seconds.

One thing to note is that I was using the 'Punch on the Fly' function. If a take wasn't good enough, I would just start Punch recording over the 'bad take' without going Edit | Undo Recording or deleting that section first (assuming the punch would just auto-replace the old take).

Also, sometimes when I click on the wave while the song is playing, it starts playing a different take that has been punched over earlier... but it's not layering the punches. I can solo it and hear that it is clearly one vocal... I'm confused... I thought for some reason the punch recording may have had something to do with it.

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