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Live Set-Up for Keys

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Hey Everyone -


I am a bass player that needs to add keys to our live stage show, I am fairly accomplished on piano and decent on bass pedals so I'm ready to take this on JPJ style.


I run an older secondary Mac - 733 MHz 2 Gigs of RAM G4 Laptop / Reason 3.5 and use a skimpy one 2 octave MIDI Studio controller (Miditech Midistudio) about 8 years old.


I only use the Electromechanical patches in Reason (Rhodes - B3 - Mellotron) and I only need simple pedal tones from a bass pedal.


I'd like to also add a second controller so I can have a secondary keyboard sound and be able to sequence pre-recorded keyboard parts with a click that my drummer can follow.


My G4 laptop and Reason have been very stable so I'd like to incorporate them into my set-up - based on my needs does the forum have some equipment and set-up recommendations? I am in way over my head here - lol!


Thanks to all!

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Hey Ally! Where've you been?


Maybe you could be a little more specific about what you're trying to achieve. Do you want to use Logic on stage with multiple controllers playing seperate virtual instruments while Logic plays back audio files?

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