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Using an Outboard Compressor pt. 2


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Hey everyone,


I have an outboard compressor (RNC1173) that I mainly use when Recording.


I really would like to use it on already recording tracks though, and I tried earlier to set this up, got a little frustrated, but now, I think it's time for round 2.


here's my set up for Recording, so you can see what I'm working with.





Now, when I set this up to use this on post-recorded tracks in Logic, I understand that I have to have the cables changed to:

RNC Line in <-------> Firepod Line Output (I use jack 1 of the 8)

RNC Line out<-------> Firepod Line Input 1


Then on a Track in Logic I put the I/O plugin and set the output to 1. Now my compressor is working, So I figured out that in order to hear just the compressor working I need to turn the "Inputs 1-8 / Playback 1-2" Mixer knob on my Firepod all the way to the left. (turning all the way right, I just hear the unaffected track) So I listen to it, and set it how I want. Gravy, I got it kicking, and I'm happy,


Then, on the I/O plugin I set the input to 1, and it's Delay Fest 2008! SO AAAHH, stay away from that button.


I got set up a new track to record, with the input set to 1, and I see the signal coming in from the compressor. everything looks good, I hit the record button, and wait until the track is finished. Then I move the regions up to compare them with the original regions, and they are slightly behind. so... there's a bit of delay, I guess do you just nudge the newly recorded regions a little left to match them up?


anyway, the point of this is... Is this pretty much how you record outboard effects to a track? It seems like so much more of a hassle, and then on top of that you have to deal with delay?


I also wanted to try out the RNC on a mix bus, but I haven't quite figured out how to connect it yet. does anyone use outboard gear on a stereo mix bus, and is it done the same way.


when you use outboard gear, after you get the sound you want, do you always have to record it real time to a new track?


anyway, chime in if you can, I appreciate any perspective on the issue of outboard gear. I also just bought a Lexicon effects unit to use live, but I'm thinking about trying it out on tracks in Logic too.



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