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uninstalling Logic Studio

Danny Zolli

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I have spent hours and hours on the phone with the folks from Apple, they were perfectly nice in telling me that I can't fully uninstall the "STUDIO" without completely erasing my OS 10.5 (Leopard).


All I want to do is get it off my Macbook Pro (100 GB HD) , and install it and run it all on a bootable external HD. I have made the bootable drive (1TB), and it all seems to be working fine, but no one seems to be able to tell me, with any confidence, that there is a way to TOTALLY uninstall the STUDIO & all of the other stuff that came with it (soundtrack, mainstage, loops, jampacks, et al.)

I of course installed everything. Hell its a great program, but its killing my system.


Please help folks. I am desperate. This amazing program completely took over nearly 50GB of space and now my computer is choking, and running super slow.





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One option would be to use Migration Assistant to move everything from your internal drive to your bootable external drive, and then wipe and start over (reinstall OS X) on your internal drive.


I had to do that because LP8 doesn't run well from my laptop's internal drive.


I tried just deleting everything, and got pretty far along, but never thought I had everything. Although, it doesn't matter if you leave a few bits behind:

- get rid of the app

- get rid of the loops and libraries (the big space killer anyway)

- get rid of the pref files


I'm not at my machine right now, so I can't give you the paths to those, but you can search for the caf files (the loops) and that'll get you going.


Good luck,

- zevo

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If me I would clone the laptop drive to the external so everything is there as a bootable disk. Then wipe the laptop and reinstall OS X and have a nice clean laptop drive to start with. Use the migration tool to pull accounts and stuff back as necessary.


The hard part about getting rid of app's on Mac is there are so many plists and hidden files that you can't see. What I've done is downloaded some of the file search tools for Mac off the internet some have options for seaching plists. Then search for Logic and see what it comes up with. I've had simple little app's that after uninstalling left ton's of little files.

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