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Recording Motif XS arpeggios into LP8 ?


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I have been unsuccessfully trying to record one, or more arpeggios, that are generated by my (Motif XS) when it is in "Song", or "Pattern" mode, into one or more LP8 tracks simultaneously.


The problem is that when the Motif XS transmits the Arp midi data via the assigned midi channel, (ie. Arp on motif XS track 1 assigned to transmit on midi channel 1) to LP8, I then try to record this into a LP8 track (i.e. track 1, Ch 1), I have a problem with a midi-echo issue, since LP8 is sending the midi data back to the Motif XS (midi-loop).


I have tried to find some info on this in the LP8 manual, but nothing I have tried so far has been successful in disabling a Logic track from sending back the data while it is recording the arp from the Motif XS.


I have the "Auto Demix by channel if multitrack recording" option enabled, which is found here :


(File > Project Settings > Recording > Auto Demix by channel if multitrack recording")


Are there any (LP8 & Motif XS) users who have been successful in recording the motif XS arps to LP8 ?


If Yes, how did you set it up ? and how did you manage dealing with the midi-feedback issue ?


Some help with this issue would be appreciated,



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