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Novation ReMote 25SL Compact issues, HELP!


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Need a super-nerd to help me figure this one out.


After finally half figuring out what the hell Novation's user manual was on about (it's VERY badly written), I'm at the stage where I'm "Learning" (teaching) the knobs what to control.


However..... I am trying to set up my Pro 53 AU plugin. When I assign "Filter Resonance" to one of the knobs, it not only affects the resonance but also the Logic volume fader of that track ...huh? A similar thing happens on my "Oscillator 2 Pitch" knob, which suddenly begins messing with the mod wheel.


This product has clearly been rushed to market. There is no back-up support for Logic 8 users and the manual is incomplete (no trouble-shooting and it simply doesn't cover all aspects of the unit and software).


Very disappointed Novation.


Can anyone help at all, pretty please.....???

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I went through the same kind of s**t and after trying everything possible, dowloading a few things and finally converting ALL my plugins to THEIR wrapper, I discovered I was simply wasting my time. Nothing never worked as they claimed it would. I just use mine as a master keyboard (at which it's a great feeling keyboard I admit), but all the happy knobs, screens and whatnot have simply been sitting there for looks. I was a real idiot to ever believe I needed it. I learned my lesson about useless gear hype the hard way.


Meanwhile I found a Mackie Control on ebay for $400 and realized the Novation -had it finally worked - would have been simply useless as a controller. There's no way anybody could use such controls to mix anything (however it may well be sufficient to write filter automation on a synth plug).


Oh yeah, I know that doesn't help, apologies for that. But if anyone ever runs a search on this site for "Novation Remote", they should know what to expect. And I'm not even talking about the manual and general support... a joke.

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hey taxiway,


thanks, that's confirming what i suspected. The device does not at all live up to it's claims. I still can't get a straight answer out of Novation as to how many templates I'm actually able to save on the unit. All of their existing templates are a waste of time, so I want to set them up my way, but I can't even seem to save even one of them. As for setting up the "User" templates, they don't respond to any learning function.


On a happier note, I did manage to get it working so that it doesn't affect the logic faders. They don't say it in the manual, but you HAVE to set up the remote SL with logic the specified way if you want to use it at all, let alone as a mixer. So I did that, and it learns ok on the Universal template, but not on the user templates, and I still can't write to any of them anyway.


Another thing is that Logic doesn't recognise the fact tht you're typing in text when you alter the controller ranges, so it jumps my screensets whenever I try to alter these settings. I reassigned the screenset key commands, but this sucks, cause they used to be quicka dn easy - just a number each time.


Anyone else having similar troubles??


Novation support has been semi-helpful so far.


Will never buy Novation products ever again.

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Hey , i've had this issue with my remote zero SL when using automap mode. I fixed it by going into the environment window and moving to the global objects and selecting physical input. This should bring up a screen showing all the connections. The remote SL should have three ports on there labelled port 1, port 2 and port 3. You need to route port 3 (or possibly port 2 , cant remember which one it is) to a differeing input than the sequencer. The best way i found to acheive this was to go to the menu and create a new monitor object and then connect the offending port to that so it wasnt going into the sequencer.


The problem is that the remote SL uses this particular channel to send some internal midi stuff when its on automap mode but if logic is set to receive this then it will interprete it as midi input.


This should sort the problem out, i spent hours trying to fix that when i got mines. Its a good product once its set up, and all the features work nicely, the install and setup procedure is just very unfriendly at present.


If you would like further clarification on this, feel free to ask. I did consider putting up a video tutorial on my website about this as its a real offputter for a lot of people.

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thanx ano,


yes, as i said in my second post, i fixed the logic fader problems. just the way said.


unfortunately, these are my current issues with the product:



1. How many of the templates can be completely changed as saved as new ones?


2. I can't get the "User" templates to learn.


3. I can't get the "Universal" template to save once I've altered it.


4. Logic doesn't realise that I'm entering text when setting controller ranges. when I type, my screensets change automatically, which is highly annoying. I've had to assign new key commands to my screensets, which I can change back once this is up and running. But every time I get a new softsynth I'll have to go through the reassigning process all over again. It's weird because the old version of Automap didn't have this problem.

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Apologies, I hadn't actually read your last post when i typed mines, sorry for repeating stuff you probably already knew by that point.


Im not too sure about the first three points but i think a lot of the issues with automap not saving things properly could stem from the fact that its not yet a full release and is still only a beta version.


If i save automap settings they seem to save but not on the device itself but on a per project basis which is very strange.


As for the controller ranges changing screenset problem i'v never had this issue. When i select the overlay automap client it automatically de-selects logic.


Maybe some of these issues will clear up with the full automap 2.0 release version.

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yeah that's alright, i've been pretty wordy so far.... :)


ok, yeah so I'm expecting too much too soon.


i hope they iron out all the problems for the full version of Automap. It's really annoying thinking that you're buying a complete product, but then finding out from a third party that you're using beta software.


Honestly, Novation really don't have their s#!+ together. when you're dealing with Logic users, who are used to everything being perfect, you need to walk the walk.

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works fine for me


you need to go into the environment clicks and ports, and disconnect the SUM, and connect only port 1 from the Remote SL. It actually says this in the manual in the how to set up Logic part...


also, in 7 it worked fine, but in 8 you have to reconnect it everytime, especially if the Remote SL is not plugged in when you boot up logic. this kind of sucks, and seems to be related to the new update

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