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Kontakt 3 / Akoustik Piano Native Instruments CPU Hog?


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Anyone using these in plugin mode in Logic 8?


They sound incredible, but I had to go from 64 buffer to 128, even in the simplest of arrangements (2 audios, no dly designer, space designer etc)


I was able to use 64 with plenty of CPU breathing room before using the NI stuff, or even a few intense Waves plugins.


The track:


1 Vocal Track

1 EXS Drum Track

1 Sculpture track

1 Kontakt 3 or Akoustic Piano.

1 Ultrabeat


All is fine when not record enabled on any track, but as soon as a track gets armed. Poof. Crackles Pops CPU maxes out.


IM new to NI but is this something that anyone was able to workaround?

Im using 2.5Ghz Dual Core, 4GB Ram....8.0.1, 10.5.2....


On a second thought, if anyone knows the "turn off auto arm" setting Id be appreciative....I know I know RTFM....



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Hi. My sytem isn't near your's in resources or speed..One thing to do however is not look at the buffer size as anything other than a tool that you can expand or contract according to your needs...Just because it works at one setting doesn't mean you won't have to change it to work for some other project..


I use AP and K3...One thing to remember is they both have their own reverbs..Lose them...Also K3 has "Script editors" Which are magical but can be resource hogs depending on what they are and how many there are..In K3 they can be somewhat obscured if used in a "group" You would do best to try and get your head around the Scripts in Kontakt..


Here is a website that has a package for sale..Check it out to help understand the concept if you are new to them..You can also download a few free cool patches there for K2 or K3..Worth the visit..The manual for scripting I believe is available at NI's site..I don't think it is on the install disc.. http://www.soniccouture.com/index.htm


You may also wish to limit the polyphny of AP and Kontakt just as limiting the polophony of the EXS24 is a reccomondation from my experience..


Have fun K3 kicks major...Most thing with the type of power as K3 do eat more than their far share of resources..But as I mentioned you can find ways around that once you get more familiar..Check preferences in Logic for the auto record thing I think..I don't mind it...But think it is there..JON


OOPs one other thing..The files can be very large in AP and K3..4Gs won't last that long for some combinations. If you have an external drive it might be better so have the samples there and use the DFD function in K3..I'm sure other here know much more than me and also can be better at explanations..J


OK one more thing, to much coffee fx here...I get a basic arrangement then freeze my tracks so I can use the lowest buffer for recording aaudio. If I need to record more audio tracks and say I have used Guitar rig on a guitar track. I'll even freeze that to lay down more audio with the lowest latency..Once I get going however and have no need to record audio..I'll bump the buffer up. By mix time I will max it just to see if it helps..Don't know how others work but this works for me with my system..

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