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audio drive?

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I am a noob when it comes to logic and apple....still trying to set things up


Was wondering how do you actually set up and audio drive??


Is it just and external hard drive used for audio purposes only???


so do you actually have to install your operating system on the external drive and run logic from there??


Or do you run logic from your internal drive and set the audio files to run/be on the external drive?? and how do you set that up?? is there settings in logic that let audio go to the external, etc..??


Thanks sorry for such dumb questions

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Logic and the operating system stay on the main drive.

The projects are ideally saved to a second internal drive (best option if having a mac pro) or external firewire drive (don't use USB for audio, it's crap). You set the recording path in Logic.

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cool thanks i just hooked up my audio drive. (firewire 800)


I read your article it was pretty good.


I am thinking about keeping my jam packs and loops on the system drive and just saving the logic projects onto the external (audio) drive.


From what i read and researched that is what most people do and how they keep there audio drives...is that right??? Or am i missing something



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