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EXS24, adding some synth effect to some kicks (wav)...?


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This is so strange!

I did try to add some kicks to the EXS24 sampler.


Some of the kicks sound just as they should sound...

But some of them sound totally different (it's like yhe EXS24 adds some synth/efefcts to those kicks). I did try to close Logic, reopen, but still the same thing! And it's always with the same kicks... I even tryed to change the kick's name.. but still...


And it's always those same kicks that go sounding strange.

And they all are from same sample CD and they all are in .WAV.

Any ideas how I can get my .wav kicks to the EXS24 without those strange effects?


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I have tryed with the "Picth" and without the "pitch" box marked...

And still the same effect with those precise kicks... And I have tryed to put them in to different keys in EXS24 (like C1, C2, C3, F1, F2, F3...) but still the same strange effect. But other kicks work just fine/normal...

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