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ROMpling routing problems (HALion Strings) - help, anyone?


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A relative beginner to Logic and midi, so bear with me...


Just recently got to relocate my small studio set-up to a larger room in the house. One thing that inexplicably nolonger seems to function is my Steinberg HALion Strings plug-in/ AU Instrument. When tested, other instruments seem to work fine, such as the EXS24 sampler, but when I go back to HALion, I can see my keyboard set-up is working fine, I can even record midi signal to track, but I can't hear anything. I've tried reinstalling the full suite of HALion CD's incase the plug-in couldn't find the library of sounds, but no change.


I can only put it down to midi output routing, of which I know nothing about.


Can anyone out there point me in the right direction?



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