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looking at refurb MBP with an internal 5400 (not 7200).


if i kept the Logic app (not the sound libraries) internally running at 5400.. will it

"slow me down" with 2 external HD running at 7200 via FW800 (one for recording/one for the sounds) ? ... or should i pay a bit more for the 7200 internal.


thanks for any thoughts. this sight and all of you give us "old" people a reason to stay in the game.



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thanks david. i'm very much enjoying your book by the way.


on a side note.. i noticed you had answered the most basic of questions on this forum recently from somebody trying to record for the first time.

i was sure you took the time to answer knowing full well that as soon as he had the satisfaction of HEARING what he recorded.. it would lead to a smile and his desire to learn more.


just thought it was a really cool thing to do. you have my respect.

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