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whats the difference between pro and express?


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HI..Yeah funny thing..But which Logic version are you asking about..Please be aware that there are still people hawking Logic7 stuff..Don't go there..I think Logic Exspress8 is aobut $200..And the Logic Pro8 version that is included in Logic Studio (8) Is actually not able to be priced due to the fact is is part of an audio Suite..Not sold stand alone..Studio costs 'bout $500...


I might be off on the prices, don't know..As the link that D provided shows the differences are in regards to Logic..There are however additional content supplied with the Studio suite that are shall we say somehow incestiously intertwined with Logic Pro8..But not needed..The bottom line is if you want Logic Pro8 you have to buy Logic Studio..I am only attempting to clarify a rather weird (pronounced confusing) Way that Apple went about this..It makes no sense what so ever to me..But that is just my view of it.. JON

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