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Routing to Aux Tracks from Kontakt 3

Agent Cooper

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Hello, long time lurker first time poster.


I am having a lot of trouble understanding the output section of Kontakt 3. I know how to set up a multi channel instrument in logic 8 using aux channels. I do know how to send the outputs from Knontakt to the aux channels within Logic 8.


If for example I have two instruments loaded in my rack, both outputs are going to st.1


I then go to the mixer press config for st.1 and change the physical outputs to aux 1 and 2 which assigns them to aux #11 and #12 respectively (I don't know why it is not #1 and #2)

Then in my logic mixer I go to aux 1 assign the input to Kontakt 3 # 12 but it the same signal that is coming out of instrument 1.


I have checked other threads here such as




I have also tried David's multi instrument environment tab but don't quite understand how to apply it.



I am sure the soultion is simple but I cannot see it, any help would be greatly appreciated as this is the third day in a row I have spent trying to figure this out.



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I stopped using Kontak as my main sampler because of this. It is NI's fault but this was back in Kontak 2. I am not surprised to see that they haven't fixed it. I gave up on it and there tech support sux ass. It also won't do one shots to multiple samples even when I highlight them all. I have to edit them one at a time.

I have Kontak 3 and will try it again to see if I can get it to work. It is morbid curiosity.


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I loaded in 4 different instruments and got them all to go out different channels. You don't need aux channels to do it. They are for fx in Kontakt


I got it to work it was very easy. I might start using kontakt again. Just PM me your email and I will send you the session. I tried to up load the session but it wouldn't let me. And I hate to type

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Glad to hear that..Now go and make some killer music...LOL...JON


PS..and share what you have gotten from this post when you see it needed..I love this site for that.. J


That said..Using multiple insatnces of Kontakt will be more resource demanding..Just so you know..So MAX your RAM..

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