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Logic 7.2.3 quits after arrange window opens

lester magneto

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Hey, I am running the latest version of Logic 7 (yes I have L8 too), and all of a sudden tonight, it loads, scans all plugs, esx etc, gets to the arrange screen, then remarkably just disapears. no notice, no prompt, nothing. i have done safe boot, repaired etc, Logic 8 boots fine, and when i try and open a previous L7 document, it goes through the motions of loading samples, audio files etc, but then just disapears. I am not running any cracks or anything, the only thing that i have done was unintall the trial of the "snapper" app, anyone have any ideas? in a bit of a jam...thanks!
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First, try removing the "autoload.lso" file in


/~/Library/Application Support/Logic/Song Templates


I know that sounds drastic, as you probably have a really

nice template environment, there, but you can just move

it to another location, not trash it.


See if this cures problem. If so, you will have to get rid of

that file because it is corrupted. If not, there may be an

unresolvable conflict between L8 files and L7 files on your

system. Quite a few posts have related to this.


Trashing the prefs file for 7 may also help.






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thanks for the reply, i just trashed the logic 7 prefs, and it seems to work, thats just a new one, be careful uninstalling audio ease's snapper.... hmmm... i am one of the few so neck deep in a project that i have installed, but not yet moved over to l8 due to some "issues" to put it lightly... i hope apple has a more comprehensive update soon.... but thanks again!
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