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Unpacking MIDI take folder


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Hopefully a quick and painless question:


When I do multiple MIDI takes in a take folder and then unpack it to edit and comp (please bring the swipe feature to MIDI!!!), I notice that when I solo or mute one of the unpacked takes, all the takes that were unpacked respond the same as if they were grouped.


I understand that they are sharing the instrument and that they are basically the same track, but is there a way to simply get it where they all act independently for solo and mute?


Thanks so much!

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The reason why I am unpacking the takes out of the folder is because I might want a section here and there from each take. If I use the Marquee tool and then separate a riff, it edits across all the takes. That is why I unpacked it in the first place.


But, in that, now that the takes are all on separate tracks, I can edit each take individually, but can solo or mute each track.


Make sense?

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