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VSTi question


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Hey guys, bit of a newb question, but i have a moog CD that a friend of mine gave me, i have only just purchased logic 8 and am struggling to load it on and i have to give it back to him shortly. Tried in the audio bin and it shows up there but i cannot select it. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Oh and yes it has a Mac version on the CD, when i clicked on it from the desktop, it had a setup icon which i clicked on and it spat this back at me:


Last login: Sun May 11 13:49:08 on ttys000

/Volumes/moogmodv/Moog\ Modular\ V\ 2\ Setup\ Mac ; exit;

almax-macbook-pro:~ almax$ /Volumes/moogmodv/Moog\ Modular\ V\ 2\ Setup\ Mac ; exit;

-bash: /Volumes/moogmodv/Moog Modular V 2 Setup Mac: cannot execute binary file



[Process completed]

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Ahhh seen! just looked that up on the internet, thanks for the heads up. For anyone else with a similar question, here:


AU, short for Audio Units, refers to a format developed by Apple for Mac OS 10.x Because there is support in Apple's operating system, AU is used by many Mac sequencers and audio applications, and is the major supported format in LogicPro.


Important note: Just because Logic favors AU does not mean it will run all Audio Unit Plugins. As of Logic 7, Apple got stricter. Logic only supports AUs that follow Apple's guidelines and not all of them do. This is Apple's way of forcing plugin developers to follow the rules it developed. Its a good thing, as the Audio Units that do pass are less likely to crash Logic.

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