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Midi Channel: Make the Same?


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Is it possible to disable this warning? I found a more efficient method for recording midi parts to a multi-timbral instrument such as Kontakt or Stylus. Whatever midi channel my kurzweil is set to, that's what the notes get recorded as, which makes it incredibly easy to set up a clarinet part in kontakt to use multiple articulation assigned to different midi channels, like as follows:




In the event list, a single part spanning multiple channels looks like this:




I've found this method to be way faster and easier to create quasi-realistic parts versus creating a multi-instrument in the environment pointing to Kontakt or Stylus and having one track per channel, but that warning gets really freakin' annoying after a while. Any ideas on how to disable it? I couldn't find it listed in the manual. The closest match in the manual dealt with normalizing midi regions on page 349


thanks in advance

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No, there's no way to disable it. I can see how this would get annoying tho. Looks to me like the CANCEL button is 'illuminated' which means you should be able to simply hit RETURN and make the message go away for that instance of it. Faster than a mouse click.
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