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Effects Questions!!!


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I'm fairly new to logic pro and I was just wondering if anyone can tell me how to apply effects to a selected area of a sample. Say as if i wanted to put a Flange on the end of a vocal line, can I just select the part i want flanged and somehow put the effect on it that way?


any help would be appreciated.





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you could use automation to change the wet/dry mix of the effect, if flange has that parameter.


If I were doing it I would probably just make a new region of the section that you want effected and put that region on a new track where the flange is always on. Doing it this way would give you more options as far as separate EQ and compression settings so that you could really tweak it to get it to sound exactly how you want it.

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Actually it's pretty easy to do - just use automation.


First click on the 'off' button on the vocal track's channel strip and change to 'read'.


If you type in 'A' on your keyboard the automation will open up on the Arrange page. Select the vocal track and hit 'Z' then you will activate zoom. (I use a desktop computer - the key commands might be different on a MacBook.)


From here you can select the flange plugin (click on the long button labeled 'volume' go to 'main' and choose the bus send that you have flange installed) and manually draw in the amount of the effect you want, where you want it.


You can also automate the Flanger's parameters by creating a new track, control-click on the track name on the Arrange page to 'Reassign Tack Object' > Audio > Bus. The automation procedure is the same with the vocal track.


I hope this makes sense.

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