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Plug-In problem in Logic Pro 8

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Hi, I posted this in the plugin links section but don't think it was the right place!


Hey, I desperately want to get Airy's au303 to work in Logic Pro 8 but I can't seem to get logic to recognise the plugin? I've copied it to the right directory, where I've copied other plugins and it's worked fine. Logic just doesn't pick it up?


I had a play with a tutors tb303 at college the other day and I'm hooked!!


Any help would be greatly appreciated :)


Many Thanks



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I have the latest version/update, the zoyd plugin doesn't work either, has anyone else got these 2 plugins working in Logic Pro 8? I found a tutorial on the au303 and it seems that the guy is using it in Logic 8 so it must work with it? What am I doing wrong?!



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