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lowering the volume in mixdown,but jumps back to original !


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i have my kick sequence on a audio track, i have automation controlling the fade of the drum roll (same with my snare track as well) i have various places where i have a node starting at almost silent and its linear fading up to 0.0 ...



my problem is when im now doing the mixdown and lowering the volume of the kick and the snare in the mixer window to blend with the rest of the track, it will do everyhting it is supposed to..(volume will drop fine and the fade will occure.. ) BUT it (the slider on the mixer) goes back to the original setting of 0.0. every time at end of the fade.



its like i cant properly mix down an automated audio file with other un automated files cause it wont keep its new *peak* level setting once it triggers the nodes.. what do i do?



thank you



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