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1920 Upright Piano

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Hello, folks.


Wasn't sure where to poast this question, as it pertains to a request.


See - I have had SampleTank 2XL for a long time. Frankly - I haven't used it in ages, nor do I have any reason to need it .... until now.


As opposed to loading up everything - I thought I would ask you guys & gals if you have an idea where I could find something similar (or the exact thing) to a 1920 Upright Piano. This was my favorite instrument when I used SampleTank 2, and I just thought about using something similar to it in a tune I was working on.


All input/suggestions are welcome.


Take care.

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nah ... they're some strange format







They have the little QuickTime icon in front of them - but I can't open them



Since I got'em out - I am gonna try to find just that Piano, and load the sampler, etc.


I just didn't want to load the whole thing ... it's like 4.5 GB's of stuff


I'll follow up with the results in case anybody else is interested ....

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Now, nobody laugh, but for 'speciality' sounds like the one you described, sound fonts are often a good port of call.


There are lots of free soundfonts available around the web, and some of them are very professionally made, and I would say some of them are better than some of the Garageband sampler intruments - esp. solo strings.

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They are a file format designed by/for SoundBlaster I believe. They carry the extension .SF2, and contain the samples within the files, which is very useful for portability.


There are many, many downloadable soundfonts. Good places to start are:




They are essentially just samples assigned to keys/key ranges, much like an EXS24 instrument (except EXS24 instruments do not store the samples within the instrument files) though not quite as complex. They support looping, which is useful, especially as the loop points can be read from .wav files with extra data in (from something like SoundForge).


The EXS24 is able to convert SF2s into EXS instruments so they can be used in Logic. I think you just need to place the SF2 files in a certain directory (EXS instruments, possibly) and it converts them all for you, but I'd check the manual to be sure.


I've got loads of SondFonts on my PC which I haven't converted yet (waiting to get new HD for MacBook) and I'm pretty sure they are all royalty-free, so I wouldn't have a problem with uploading them if anyone is interested. I also made a load of my own ones from my own recordings, and also lots of drum samples I took from various songs, like 'Superstition' (Weevie Stunder), 'Brick House' (Lionel Rich Tea), 'Up On The Hill' (FLC), etc.


Lots of people seem to have made SoundFonts where they have sampled, say, the brass sound off such-and-such a HW sampler, so there are often specific sounds from old samplers which can be found around.


Like I said, if anyone's interested let me know and I can post some - probably best to be specific as they can obviously be quite large.


I think that just about covers everything - apologies for the essay.

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One thing that I forgot to mention is that SoundFonts are often distributed in SFArk and SFPack compressed archives, which I think are WINOS-only programs (I don't think SFArk even works on XP or something silly like that), which might cause problems - apart from my already-decompressed-and-about-to-be-uploaded-ones, of course!
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