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Having issues exporting a single midi file . . .

Patrick Andrew

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I have a song with a midi file containing lyrics and melody.

I export the single midi file: File / export/ selection as mid file

My preferences are set to midi file 0

I email this to a vocalist but when they get it all the silences are removed between the verses / choruses (does not line up)


Also when I do a test, I try to open the midi file in a new blank project and then the midi file initiates a load of all my samples / instruments of the exs file used in the original song.

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Try this:


Chapter 29 Project and File Interchange 633


To prepare all MIDI regions for a Standard MIDI file export:


1 Select all MIDI regions by choosing Edit > Select All (or using the Select All key

command, default: Command-A),


2 Neutralize all playback parameters by choosing MIDI > Region Parameters > Normalize

Region Parameters in the Arrange area (or use the Normalize key command,

default: Control-N).


3 Convert all playback quantization by choosing MIDI > Region Parameters > Apply

Quantization Settings Destructively (or use the respective key command,

default: Control-Q)


4 Convert all aliases into real copies by choosing MIDI > Alias > Convert to a Region Copy

(or using the Convert Alias to a Region Copy key command).


5 Convert all loops into real copies by choosing Region > Loops > Convert to Real Copies

(or using the Convert Loops to Real Copies key command, default: K).


6 Convert all MIDI regions on each track into a continuous MIDI region by choosing

Region > Merge > Regions per Tracks (or use the Merge Regions per track key


Note: As Standard MIDI file type 0 format files can only save one MIDI region, you must

also merge all MIDI regions into one if you want to export in file format 0. You can do

this by choosing Region > Merge > Regions.


7 Insert all instrument MIDI settings as events by choosing MIDI > Insert Instrument MIDI

settings as Events.


8 export midi....



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