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Caption thread

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As coincidence would have it,she just rang to tell me that the boyfriend who was with her when she/they did it (6 years ago) has been dead in his flat.

The police went round after the neighbours complained about flies.

He'd been there 10 days.

He was a smackhead.





What can I say?


Dare I do a smiley???

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OK, to spice this up a little . . . .


Feel free to contribute your own, or as many as you want for anyone else. You don't have to be in the picture to contribute!


From Left to Right:

ski, Cloggy, pantomimehorse, dkgross, Waterboy, leah, David, subtonic, shivermetimbers, EricBradley, marcel72, chicosatis, fader8.


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And where did you get the idea that Leah should be that one?

Would you rather I had Waterboy groping you?


Should we add bits one at a time or fill the whole thing in?

Rather than post the pic each time, just provide the captions. When we have enough, (and pick the good ones!) I'll plug them in. I can resize the bubbles as required then too!

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Cooking fool!



You're not Dan Brown are you?



I counted left to right and the elbow came first so I see DKGross groping Leah,not Waterboy.

That is ,Dave groping Leah,not Dave groping Waterboy.


Clarification needed!

Yikes! :?

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From left to right:


"I finished burning the rough-mixes to CD","Can I touch a fader now?"

"I could make a better album than that!"

"I can't sell this music, it's too.....different!"

"Fabulous disc,J!","F'n Brilliant!", "Great great stuff, J"

"You're way more than a sideman, I can get you a solo deal if you leave the J-crew"

"Yeah? I'm listening...."

"These are my songs and I am most proud of them"

"J! Could we turn my guitar parts up?"

"I think this will sell from Seattle to St. Petersburg!"

"How come my marimba parts are always buried in the mix?"

"He want's full-color inserts ",."...AND a plastic jewel case for the CD!"

"*I* think we could make it up in the marketing hold back"

"He's the artist for Cris....err...Pete's sake! I'm just the manager!"

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I was thinking: RTFB !!


Or what about "BTFB" (the first 'B' as in "BUY!") :lol:


Leah: "Zzzzz... basses and kitties... Zzzzz... basses and kitties..."

Waterboy: "I'm a back door man. Aren't I?"

Fader8: "No, not confession, compression!"




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