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Logic Pro Loop Browser


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I'm about ready to take the fall and move from a PC to a Mac. Before I go for Logic Pro, however, I'd like to know about the user interface, specifically the loop browser. I have TONS of loops that are in wav format. I know Logic will PLAY the files, but will it be able to import them in to the loop browser? Will I be able to define its tempo permanently? Will I be able to assign it tags for categories (such as genre (breaks) or sound type (distorted, etc.))? What categories are available, or is there a way to define your own?



I've been looking around for more information on the loop browser but haven't found anything on the aforementioned questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated!




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Yes on all your questions but one: you can't define your own categories. Here are categories you can use:



Thanks for the amazingly fast and compete answer! Time to get my Mac!



Thanks again!

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