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Armed track only monitors left side


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Has anyone else noticed sometimes when arming a track to record a vocal you can only monitor it in the left. I have to put a Dirmix on the track so the talent can hear both ears.


4 systems I know this has happened


Dual 2.5, 10.4.9, 8.0.1, Digi 002R

Dual 1.8, 10.4.9, 8.0.1, Digi 002R

4 Core, 10.4.9, 8.0.1, Digi 003R


I thought it was a Digi problem because sometimes quitting Logic, and rebooting the Digi it will work again but then a friend told me it also happens to him on an:


8 Core, 10.5.2, 8.0.1, Apogee Duet

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First, not sure why you can't work with UTM on? UTM should generally be on.


Second, I suspect pilot error: are you trying to record a mono source on a stereo track? That would explain why you only hear a left signal. If you're recording a single microphone (monophonic source) then you need to record onto a mono track.

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I'm definitely recording on mono tracks. The fact that sometimes if I quit Logic and power off and on my interface it will work properly leads me to believe it's a Logic problem.


I don't use UTM because when I'm mixing stereo tracks I like to put different plugs on each side so I use two mono tracks. The last time trying this with UTM on I remember it only gave me the stereo option with stereo plugs. Maybe there's another way of doing this with UTM that you know of.


Found that I can convert interleaved to split files and put them on two mono tracks but now that requires another step.

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