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Setting Up & Mixing Sample Based Sequenced Drums in Logi


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Hi All,


I have been a long time user of Propellerheads Reason and recently moved to using Logic Pro 8 for all my sequencing, processing & mixing needs. It has so much more power, options, plugins etc. I still intend on using Reason for a few of its synths however, but ultimately I want to sequence everything in Logic. One area i'm having difficulty replicating is setup up a framework for handling drums.


In Reason I have used the ReDrum step sequencer to program up my drum sequences using one-hit samples I have collected from various places. This works great for what I do, and ReDrum allows me to send each sample (such as kick, hats, snares, etc) to its own chain of processors and effects giving me total control over each individual drum sound.


Now that I plan on using Logic for all sequencing and effects/processing, i'm wondering what the best way is to go about replicating this setup in Logic. I want to be able to sequence the drums together using a step sequencer in Logic, so I need to know the best tool for the job for this, but I also want to be able to have individual control (ie EQ, reverb, compression, pan etc etc) over each drum sample.


Has anyone done this kind of thing before? Would really appreciate any comments.


If anyone is interested in fully understanding what I'm trying to do - here is the article that explains how its done in Reason:





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What's up CUZZIN, I too use Reason, and if I think I understand you correctly, you can use logic in the same way as Reason with UltraBeat. You can open up a multi out put version of Ultrabeat in a project and treat it just like REDRUM. As a matter of fact, UltraBeat is DEEPER than REDRUM (it has filter, velocity, eq, volume and pitch control for each sound). Ultrabeat has a preset patch called "drag-n-drop" which allows you to use your own samples. You can send each channel of ultrabeat to an AUX in logic's mixer for individual processeing. You can use UltraBeat's (step) sequencer to create patterns, and then drag the pattern to the arrange view, just like REDRUMS' "send to track" function. REDRUM is a drum sequencer, Ultrabeat is a drum sequencer plus analog and modeling synth with 3 or 4 oscilators and a filter section. Check out "SFLogicninja" on you tube, he did a couple of UltraBeat vids that might help you.


FYI: you can always re-wire Reason into Logic send each of redrums channels into logic for further processing........but I'm willing to bet money you like UltraBeat better.

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- it sounds like just what i've been looking for.

It is. Charlie's right. Once you've mastered Ultrabeat, you'll find little reason to open Reason, . . er . . Redrum.


Besides, I've always thought it was in bad taste to name a drum module after graffiti written in blood by the Manson family at Sharon Tate's house.

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Red Rum was also a Grand National winning race horse.


"It can also mean, "re-drum" which has been interpreted to mean "to play over again" or "to repeat." Which in the instance of The Shining, past events repeat themselves ".

Not much on Manson came up.




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