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Recording Guitar with iMic

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Hi there,


I'm trying to record Electric Guitar on an Audio Track in Logic Pro (8) using a Griffin iMic on an iMac G5 20" running Leopard.


I've sold my mixer so I was hoping the iMic would do the job as a simple USB interface, just to record a simple guitar signal.


There are two settings on the little iMic device, Line and Mic. I've tried both options and all I've acheived so far is some feedback, but not guitar type noise, more like line feedback (like a whitle/kettle).


I've changed my Mac Sound Sys Prefs to Input = iMic, and I've also gone thru the Logic Pro Prefs and set up the Audio settings the best I can.


Still nothing.


Any ideas greatly appreciated. many thanks, Clive ;o)

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An electric guitar signal is neither line level nor mic level it is very weak unless boosted by a preamp to line level. I have heard of guitar leads being plugged straight into the stereo input of an imac or macbook using a 1/4" jack to minijack cable. Maybe email griffin and ask if their imic will do it.
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