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LP8 Invalid Regions Message When Saving Session Copy


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Hi all,


In Logic 8.02, I'm having a major problem when saving a copying of a session to another drive. I've got all "include assets" options checked to save copies of all audio files etc.

The session is on an external drive, and I'm attempting to copy it to an internal drive in my system.


When I open the newly saved session from the new location, I get a massive amount of invalid regions. (The original session opens fine and has not been optimized, etc.).


If I click on "get info", "more info" on the project file in finder, it lists "used audio files" with the old path on the old drive. When I open the session with invalid regions,

the audio files in the audio window are linked from the new location.


Is there anything I can do to get the saved session to point the regions to the proper location? Is this a new bug in Logic 8.02, or some known issue?


It's a bit disconcerting to only be able to open a session on the original drive location. Basically it makes backing up sessions completely useless,

and I can't imagine that Logic is supposed to behave this way.


Any help or insight into this would be greatly appreciated.


Logic Pro 8.02

Mac Pro OSX 10.4.11



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